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11 Benefits of Preserved Wedding Flowers

Let’s face it, planning your wedding can be crazy stressful – like drive yourself temporarily insane kind of stressful. From that moment when you think to yourself, “Hmmm… and just what table am I supposed to sit Too-Much-To-Drink-Make-Dirty-Jokes-Uncle Jimmy at?” to that sudden invasive realization that “This is just too much money and stress for one day… I should have just eloped!” – wedding planning can get super overwhelming. And fast. With that being said, it’s important to take as many sanity-preserving precautions as possible and that’s where preserved flowers come in to help save the day! The big day! Your wedding day!
So, I know what you’re probably thinking – “Those uglycrunchydead looking flowers that I douse in hairspray and hang upside down on a hanger in my closet preserved flowers? Yuck! Not for my wedding. I. Don’t. Think. So.” Look, I totally get it. This is the image that pops into most peoples’ heads when they hear the words “preserved flowers”. Heck, admittedly that used to be the exact image that popped into my head when I heard those words too. So hey, I don’t blame you. No judging here. Just enlightening.

Dried flowers are better for your wedding budget

Sadly, preserved flowers are often not even an idea that comes to mind when you are thinking about flower arrangements for your wedding day, but they absolutely should be! They are a beautiful, low maintenance, stress-free, and often times much less expensive alternative to fresh flowers, yet they come without the stigma of being fake. That means you get the best of both worlds. Gotta love that – because seriously, who doesn’t love getting the best of both worlds!
So, here are the details of those perks I just mentioned! Gorgeous preserved flowers (which, by the way, last months or even years and won’t die in a few hours like fresh flowers will) won’t break your budget and will leave you with more cash to spend on much more entertaining things! Like maybe an open bar or a tad bit longer of a honeymoon with your new hubby! These preserved beauties can be picked out and shipped out (great for destination weddings, might I add) way in advance, which means less of that temporarily insane kind of stress I was talking about earlier. No lame annoyance of coordinating a drop off time with yet another vendor. Which is awesome because hey, you’ve already got enough of that to deal with between the caterer, the rental company, the DJ, the officiant and so on and so on.
Another great thing about preserved floral arrangements is the fact that they won’t wilt (or even worse, die) if the timing isn’t perfect like it must be with their fresh flower counterparts. You see, delivery of fresh flowers must be precisely timed from drop off time, to ceremony time to reception time. Even the temperature has to be taken into account or you could end up with brown, droopy, ugly flowers and a big disappointment on your big day. Fortunately for you, this is not likely to happen with your lovely preserved flowers! Yay! Something else to keep in mind, especially for all of you worrywart brides out there, sometimes being forced to depend on somebody can be stressful in it of itself. Your mind starts racing with thoughts of “What if they are late? What if they get a flat tire? What if they are abducted by aliens? What if they stiff me and never show up at all?” Lucky for you, preserved flowers can solve that problem too. All those worrisome thoughts will disappear and your paranoid mind can rest at ease because you’ve already got your gorgeous flowers, safe and sound, in advance! And believe me, this is a good thing because who wants to think about alien abductions or being stiffed on their wedding day…? Yeah, I didn’t think so. You’ve got enough to worry about with Too-Much-To-Drink-Uncle Jimmy and the groomsmen’s relentless insistence on dancing to Silento’s ‘Whip and Nae Nae’ at the reception!

So let's cover the basics of why dried wedding flowers

Alright! So, on that note, here’s a super quick recap for you! Why pick preserved flowers for your wedding day…

  • These wedding flowers won’t die!
  • Budget friendly!
  • No “fake” stigma!
  • Stunningly gorgeous!
  • No strict time restrictions!
  • Less susceptible to the elements!
  • Can retain their beauty for months, even years, with proper care!
  • Don’t require coordinating with another vendor on your wedding day!
  • Can be picked out & shipped out, to almost anywhere, months in advance!
  • Lets you cross off a biggie on your to-do list ahead of time, eliminating stress!
  • Will be breathtakingly beautiful, stunningly gorgeous, additions to your special day! Sorry – but that one was worth repeating!

Okay, my lovely bride! Now it’s time to go forth and plan! Hopefully you’ve found yourself enlightened about the advantages of preserved flowers for your big day and why they will be an excellent sanity preserving precaution for you! Happy planning and happy picking!

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