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Dried Flower Care Instruction

Your blooms can last months or even years depending on how you care for them. To ensure longevity of your dried floral please reference below.

Blooms should be stored in an indoor, climate controlled dry location, not a basement, garage or attic. Humidity and moisture can cause the flowers to draw on water and mold.

Store in the original box on an elevated shelf. We recommend storing with a few moth balls or cedar balls to avoid pesky critters from taking over your arrangement. Yuck!

Avoid storing or displaying in direct sunlight as this can cause the colors to fade overtime.

Avoid long term exposure to heat, this can cause your blooms to become brittle.

Avoid excessive handling and high traffic areas. Please note, some shedding is part of the natural process.

Lastly, enjoy and love your blooms! After all, we have handmade them with love and care specially for you.

Please note the above care suggestions are just that, suggestions. The longevity of your blooms is dependant on several environmental and climate factors. Keep in mind dried flowers are preserved. They are a natural product and like any natural product they are susceptible to time and elemental factors.