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Preserved Flowers

for your wedding are a must.

We are going to cover the benefits and answer why of preserved wedding flowers are a must for your big day. Read on to make sure you’re making an informed decision for your wedding day and years to come after it.

Preserved flowers will be

around for years to come.

Just imagine getting to keep your wedding flowers as a keepsake. Display your   bouquet in a vase! Hang your arch decor flowers in your home. Gift your blooms so  your loved ones will have a beautiful reminder of your special day. The possibilities are endless.



Preserved flowers are real flowers

no “fake” stigma.

Preserved flowers and foliage are in fact REAL. No fake stigma and their beauty rivals that of their fresh counterpart. No dead & dull look like other wedding flower alternatives on the market.

Completely Customized

Each arrangement is made just for you. We collaborate with you to create one of a kind custom blooms.

More reasons to go with
dried wedding flowers

There are many reasons to go with dried wedding flowers for your big day. Here are a few more to help you make the right decision.

No Time Restrictions

In a pinch? Let us know! We do offer rush orders.

Stunningly Gorgeous!

We hate to brag but just take a look at our portfolio! Preserved wedding flowers are amazingly beautiful.

Less susceptible to the elements!

Don't worry about showing up to your reception to wilting flowers that couldn't make it through the heat of the day. Our flowers have your back!

Check it off early

Lets you cross off a biggie on your to-do list ahead of time, eliminating stress! We know your time is valuable. All correspondence can be done from the comfort of your home.

Shipped to you in advance

Can be assembled and shipped to almost anywhere months in advance.

No Coordination Needed

No more coordinating with a local florist and venue for drop off and pick ups.