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Summer Weddings: Light, Bright, and Beautiful

Choosing your wedding colors is one of the first steps you and your partner will take as a newly engaged couple. If you’ve decided on a summer wedding, there is so much to draw inspiration from—bright gardens and blooming flowers, sunny days and evening twilight, the seaside, and fresh green fields. With so many beautiful aspects of the season, it can be difficult to know where to start!

Your color scheme will set the tone for your wedding flowers, dresses, table decor, and almost every other visual element of your ceremony and reception. Typically, summer weddings feature the brightest colors compared to the softness of spring and the rich tones of fall, but that does not mean that you’re limited to a palette of bright colors. Whether your overall wedding style is formal, beachy, rustic, vintage, or anywhere in between, there’s an ideal summer palette for you.

Choosing a Color Scheme

With endless color options available, it helps to think about the overall effect that you want to achieve. Your wedding colors should reflect your style as a couple and the type of wedding that you’ve chosen, and then blend with the venue’s aesthetic.

Think about your favorite colors. You will see them often in your wardrobe and your home decor. Next, consider colors that feel like your favorite aspect of summer. There are no rules when it comes to color choice, but choosing a color scheme that makes you think of the beach, a garden, a meadow, a grove of trees, or any other place that’s special to you will make your wedding feel personalized and perfect for you.  

Next, choose a couple of base colors that will be used most often in your wedding flowers, decor, and dresses. Make sure they are colors you love. Then, move beyond that traditional two-color plan and select two or three accent colors to round out your palette and complement the base colors. That makes decorating feel more relaxed and organic, not stuffy and matchy. The accents colors can be chosen from the opposite side of the color wheel to provide contrast, or you can choose neutral or softer tones for a quieter palette.

Fresh Color Combinations for Summer

Wedding trend forecasts indicate that strict two-color palettes are becoming less popular and couples are embracing ranges of complementary shades or choosing monochrome or ombré palettes.

There is also a trend toward brighter, richer, and bolder hues, especially for summer weddings, as well as metallics. Shades of pink, orange, red, and yellow will be coming to the forefront. Picture bright citrus fruits and sweet shades of punch along with some softer, complementary tones.

Whether you prefer a vibrant summer palette with orange and grapefruit shades, punchy pinks and corals, or aqua and blues, or a more muted color scheme of soft mauves, greens, and blues, you’ll find something that suits your taste and your wedding style.

Here are some of this summer’s best and trendiest wedding color combinations:

Bright and Colorful

  • Bright Yellow + Ivy Green with soft pinks
  • Mint Green + Pink with coral and magenta
  • Coral + Ocean Blue with soft yellows and silver
  • Peony Pink + Bubblegum with shades of teal
  • Coral + Apricot with peony pink and sand
  • Teal + Light Blue with sunny yellows
  • Strawberry Red + Bubblegum with grass green and champagne
  • Orchid Purple + Fuchsia with ocean blue and turquoise

Soft and Muted

  • Soft Pink + Navy with soft seafoam, blues, and champagne
  • Lavender + Emerald green with soft blues
  • Sage Green + Celadon with soft peach and lilac
  • Sage Green + Teal with ivory and mint greens
  • Wedgwood Blue + Soft Baby Blue with peach and ivory
  • Soft Pink + Bubblegum with soft teal and bronze
  • Soft Apricot + Sage Green with navy and warm grey
  • Silver Sage + Dove Grey with silver and white

Monochrome Palettes

  • Mauve shades from dark mauve to heather and soft violet to grey
  • Blue shades from teal to ocean blue and soft blue to grey
  • Pink shades from strawberry pink to bubblegum and blush to metallic rose gold

Pick a Bloom Has the Summer-Style Wedding Flowers for You

Once you and your partner have selected wedding colors that reflect your style and the type of wedding you’re planning, everything else will fall into place more easily. Be sure to bring along your color swatches when you’re shopping for decor and dresses, and don’t forget to share them with your wedding florist!

At Pick a Bloom, we will work with you to choose gorgeous summer wedding flowers that suit your style, budget, and color palette. Request. We would love to help make your wedding day perfect!

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