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Fall Weddings: Warm & Rustic

Early fall is the most popular season to get married in – and it’s no surprise why. With the season’s cold weather that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor events and natural palette of vibrant colors, wedding design inspiration comes easily.

Fall is very much known for the tones and hues found in the changing natural landscape. Autumn’s trees offer a compelling contrast between the muted and reserved earthy tones of bark and the bright canopy of red, yellow, and orange leaves. This diverse palette can make picking a color scheme for a fall wedding both creatively exciting and overwhelming.

If you’re planning a fall wedding, here are just a few of the most popular and complementary autumnal color schemes for a harmonious wedding, in both form and function.

Warm and Rustic

Truly salute the season by looking no further than the changing leaves for your palette inspiration. For your accent pieces and areas, reach for rustic reds, yellows, and oranges to create a warm and festive atmosphere at your ceremony or reception.

Seasonal vegetables like yellow and orange squash, gourds, and small pumpkins are great for table centerpieces. Offset the pops of color and add light volume to your centerpiece or bouquet with hints of browns and greens from stems of dried wheat. You don’t have to stick to exclusively seasonal flowers for the arrangements either. Throw in deep burgundy roses for a touch of romance.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, consider adding a bit of nature to your arch as well. Weave sunflowers around your arch in order to add that vibrant honey yellow of the petals into your ceremony.

Tip: Place your centerpieces in mason-jars to add an extra layer of fall quaintness.

Earthy and Refreshing

Not only are those sunny days at the local pumpkin patch inspiring for fall wedding color themes, but so are those cool, rainy indoor days.

The rain and the cool neutrals of the autumn sky are a great source for design palettes. They appear during the transitional period of the season, between the lush greenery of summer and the cool icy tones of winter. When you’re planning for a fall wedding, get creative and draw on colors outside of the warm shades of the leaves and trees. A cooler earthy palette is an unexpected twist that your guests will surely remember.

Colors like olive, dark herb, desert sage, and deep navy blue look great against neutrals like white, beige, champagne, or grey. For instance, this bridesmaid’s bouquet with preserved teardrop eucalyptus and dried white statice offers a refreshing contrast between the green-blue eucalyptus and the white statice and ribbon.

Cool earthy tones also nicely contrast warm pink colors. Take this eucalyptus and dried rose and plumosome bridal bouquet. The minty color of the eucalyptus really makes the pink and dark red roses stand out and adds a fresh twist to classic bridal elegance.

Using an earthy color scheme can be a great opportunity to add natural elements to your wedding. Natural decorations like tree-stump aisle-runner posts help tie together cool-toned decorations with a neutral base and provide a perfect place to set lights or additional flower arrangements.

Tip: Think beyond the ceremony, and coordinate your cutlery to your earthy color scheme by using cutlery with beechwood accents.

Rich Jewel Tones

Think bright, bold, and beautiful.

Warm and sophisticated jewel tones add color and depth to any fall wedding color scheme, and their saturated tones are a great way to draw guest attention to any area.

Amethyst, emerald, and ruby shades contrast and draw out the warm tones of the rustic oranges and yellows of autumn. Take this amethyst table setting for example; the bright lavender hues of the plate accentuate the gold in the silverware and shine nicely against the warm wood tabletop.

Jewel tones are incredibly versatile on and off the aisle. For instance, this beautiful lavender bridal bouquet brings in a touch of fresh elegance while this gilded and glittery emerald green cake adds sparkle to your wedding food.

Tip: Jewel tones look especially great as broad swathes of color. Think decorations like curtains, napkins, table cloths, and runners.

Fall in Love With Fall Palettes

With so many diverse and exciting color schemes to play around with, fall is the perfect season for exciting wedding color palettes.

Don’t settle for the typical white and beige scheme that we’ve all seen done hundreds of times. Think outside the banquet hall and draw your inspiration from fall’s natural landscape and its complementary colors for your fall wedding.

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