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Winter weddings are often assimilated into the festive winter holidays, namely with the traditional color schemes of red and white. But new trends for winter color palettes are fairly generous, from the classical festive favorites to variations on copper, metallics, pinks, frosted pastels, greys, blues, and so much more.

And you don’t need to worry about seasonality if you decide to opt for a preserved flower bouquet, which is an excellent wedding flower option that many brides are still unaware of. Preserved wedding flowers are beautiful, natural, budget-friendly, won’t wilt or die, are not subject to seasonality, and are just as stunning as fresh wedding flowers.

Here’s a is a roundup of our favorite winter wedding color schemes!

Dreaming of a White Wedding

Reminiscent of a winter fairytale, a white wedding is associated with light and purity. The white wedding will always be a staple of bridal fashion as this monochromatic choice remains forever modern and elegant.

If you’re using only white for your winter wedding colors, you should incorporate a variety of textures so that the colors don’t fall flat. Also, combine various fabrics, patterns, sparkle, plants, and greenery to add dimension.

Tip: If your dress is white, and you don’t like the look of white-on-white, throw in a collar of dark green ruscus leaves to make the bouquet stand out.

Pretty in Pink and Various Combinations

Blush Pink With Berry Tones

Want to make a bold statement in the middle of a quiet winter wonderland? Berry tones blended with the daring blush pink will do it. From cranberry to raspberry and every shade in between, this cheerful combination will add a touch of color and energy to your special day.

Tip: Add a bit of ivory, and you’ll have a palette that’s lively and joyful yet romantic.

Blush Tones With Burgundy

Take the classic winter burgundy and twist it with some pretty blush pink. The paler tone balances out the darkness of burgundy, while the deeper hue brings warmth and the winter vibe. It’s an ideal color palette for radiating elegance, sophistication, and beauty.

Red Wedding Accents

Simply Red

You can never get it wrong with pure red accents. The traditional and romantic red bouquet is a timeless symbol of love, passion, and romance. With so many beautiful wedding flowers available in red shades, you can feature just about any bloom you can dream of. Think classic roses, garden roses, orchids, clematis, anemones, or gerbera.

Red & White

As festive and seasonal as you can get, red and white are the most classic winter wedding colors. Synonymous with the holiday season, they will bring a sense of festive joy to your wedding. Perhaps the trick to smartly embracing these colors into your wedding style is to opt for an overall minimalist theme. The colors alone will probably be enough to give your wedding all the Christmas-y vibes.

Fifty Shades of Grey and Blue

If you’re looking to bring a delicate winter glow to your wedding day, silver and blue are an excellent and fashionable duo. They’ll also add a contemporary feel to your wedding and are ideal for incorporating trendy accents. If you love cool colors, then this stylish match is for you. Add a hint of silver and embrace the grey by blending different depths of the shade, from dove grey to charcoal. If you’re looking to create a serene, chill atmosphere, these colors might be the lucky winners.

Tip: Throw in a bit of romantic ivory for a touch of warmth.

Greys & Frosted Pastels

Although pastel tones are generally considered perfect colors for spring and summer weddings, frosted pastels can surely bring on a wintry vibe. Add dusky lavender, grey, and muted tones of green to summon the frosty style.

Tip: Plaids, fresh evergreens, and metallic accents are all excellent decor pieces for this type of palette.

No matter what color scheme you choose for your winter wedding, the sky’s the limit when it comes to playing with themes, textures, flowers, and decor. If you are tying the knot soon and need some guidance to create your flower arrangements, talk to your bloom artists today, and let them bring your wedding vision to life. They’d certainly be delighted to design your winter wedding bouquet!

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