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How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost in 2019?

Note: Cost of Wedding Flowers Updated for 2019 on January 2, 2019 Once the whirlwind of excitement over your engagement begins to drift away and thoughts of wedding planning and budgeting start creeping their way into your mind, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed. Naturally, questions revolving around how much certain aspects of your wedding are going to cost, present themselves. One important category that brides sometimes seem to overlook or, at the very least, low prioritize, is their wedding flower budget. To some brides, picking out their wedding dress, wedding venue, DJ, etc. all tend to be the most exciting things to plan, while wedding flowers tend to find themselves on the bottom of the long to-do list of...

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Dried Wedding Flowers, the Best Alternative to Fresh

So let me start off by saying I hate the word “inexpensive”. It implies cheap and I am definitely not taking cheap when it comes to dried flowers. I am, however, talking about a more cost effective wedding flower option. Most people want the vibrant colors of fresh flowers, however, they can’t wrap their head around spending thousands of dollars on flowers that just die the next day or, in some cases, wilt the day of. I know I just couldn't entertain that thought for my wedding, thus my ever growing passion for dried wedding flowers. Budget, Budget, Budget... As every bride knows, their wedding budget somehow seems to just keep shrinking and shrinking until before long it’s non-existent, leaving...

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11 Benefits of Dried Wedding Flowers

Lets face it, planning your wedding can be crazy stressful - like drive yourself temporarily insane kind of stressful. From that moment when you think to yourself, "Hmmm... and just what table am I supposed to sit Too-Much-To-Drink-Make-Dirty-Jokes-Uncle Jimmy at?" to that sudden invasive realization that "This is just too much money and stress for one day... I should have just eloped!"

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